Russel {As Told By Melinda}

Russel grew up in a small mountain town in north Idaho. Russel loves his family. He is the youngest of eight children. Growing up he loved; the Boy Scout program, playing baseball and wrestling.

At home he worked with his dad and cared for his animals such as: horses, goats, chickens, dogs and emu. He raised a young injured colt (boy) horse to health in high school. He loved working on his old 1970’s suburban.

Russel traveled a lot with his family and went many times on road trips all over the USA; for family work jobs, visiting family and seeing national historical and Church sites.

After high school Russel served a two year mission in the Philippines Manila Mission. He brought his love of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people there with enthusiasm and love. He absolutely loved his time serving a mission; and 1 year after returning home went back to the Philippines with his dad to visit.

After Russel asked my dad for his permission to marry me; he proposed on one knee at my family’s ranch in California. We were on a walk and the only spot without wind at the time was beside our railroad bridge. It is now called the “Sweetheart Bridge.” I couldn’t believe that the Lord could make someone so perfect for me as Russel is. After family had gotten to know each other; my parents said “Russel is a Melinda Boy,” and Russel’s parents said “Melinda is a “Russel Girl.” We were perfect for each other.

We were married in 2008. After marriage until we both graduated in 2011 from college; we worked, attended classes, and had our first son born to us. We absolutely loved college. On graduation day our second son was born. We weren’t able to walk in commencement; so we wore our caps and gowns leaving the hospital!
Russel graduated with a bachelor degree in Business and minor in Mechanical Engineering. He enjoys working with the youth of our church, in scouts and Sunday school classes.

Melinda {As Told By Russel}

“Growing up Melinda was always on the go trying to keep up with her older brother and sister. She loved the many adventures they went on, they would build forts, ride horses, build the family railroad and pretend they were Gummi Bears “bouncing here and there and everywhere.” Melinda has two sisters and two brothers. She has a very close bond with her parents and siblings. Melinda grew up in the mountains with a gold mine, fruit orchards, animals and family, and faith. Life was full of: berry picking, tree climbing, fort building, old time movies, musicals, pioneer days, books and stories, stacking fire wood, camping, piano, girl scouts, ballet, family trips and much more!
She lived near 40 cousins and 6 grandparents. Every month found huge family birthday dinners and parties after church at grandmas’ house.

“Melinda practically grew up on top of a horse, her grandparents always made sure she had a horse to ride. As a teenager she would go on rides through the mountains with her friends. To this day her friends have credited Melinda with instilling them with the love of horses that continues today
As a young women Melinda was active in her little LDS branch, she was an amazing young women that looked out for others. She was a good example to others as she navigated the difficult teenage years. She enjoyed going with friends to stake dances and doing baptisms at the San Diego Temple.
She was very studious and had an amazing talent in art. When I met Melinda I was inspired by her dedication to furthering her talent. I would sit for hours just watching Melinda work on head studies, sceneries and portraits. She inspired me to follow my talents and change my major from Engineering to business.

As our courtship progressed I knew that Melinda was very special. On a trip to visit her family I was determined to talk to her dad. So I found the opportunity when he and I were working on fixing an old army mule. A 1 hour job of cleaning the carburetor and replacing old hoses turned into a full day of discussion and conversation. I saw first-hand how much Melinda was and is loved by her family. I got to know her dad really well and when I asked him if I could marry his daughter he said, “definitely.” I then asked him how long I should wait to ask her and he chuckled and said, “when you know it’s right, there is no need to wait.”
Later that night after Melinda’s birthday party I took her on a walk. Told her about my visit with her dad, got down on one knee and asked, “Melinda will you be my eternal companion.” She blushed, and I kissed her cheek. That moment was to me one of the most important moments of my life.
We were married in April of 2008. We worked and attended college. Our first son was born in 2009. Our second son was born two weeks early on graduation day in April of 2011! We didn’t get to walk at commencement so we wore our caps and gowns as we left the hospital! Melinda graduated in Art with a Minor in Home and Family Living. Our last son was born in 2012, and our son that was born in 2011 wanted to hold him constantly!

Melinda loves to infuse a fire and love of life in her children and others. She is creative and good at saving money. The teachings of Jesus Christ are the center of her life and she strives to live His principles daily. Melinda is loving, patient and kind. Melinda is an amazing organizer. Early on in our childrearing we found that it was difficult to manage large amounts of toys. The boys enjoyed just dumping out all the toys we had in the house into one massive pile. We would end up spending more time picking up toys than playing with the boys. From this experience Melinda set up a system of bins that are all coordinated by type of toy and stored in a spare storage room. The boys are allowed to have one bin out at a time and they cannot get another bin out until they fully clean up all the toys, put it in the bin and exchange it for another bin. This has allowed our boys to have a variety of toys and we find it helps them enjoy clean up time.”
We love being parents and love feeling the constant blessing of having special souls in our home. Since our third son was born we have not been able to have any more children. Each of our sons has come with very different personalities. We know that each person is unique and we are excited to open our hearts and home to another special spirit! We feel that adoption is what we need to pursue at this time, to find our missing piece.
Love, Russel and Melinda
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